Douglas Hutsby Forestry

Douglas Hutsby Forestry

Douglas Hutsby Forestry


A bit about us...

Douglas comes from a farming background and started his working career as a qualified Agricultural Engineer. In 2002 he ventured into the world of Arboriculture and began his training. He has grown his business during this time from domestic work, to now include agricultural work, hedge laying and woodland management.

Our Services

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Domestic Arboriculture

Pollarding, Crown Thinning, Crown Reduction, Coppicing, Height Reduction, Formative Pruning, Felling and more...

Commercial Woodland Management & Forestry

Coppicing, Selective Felling/Clear Felling, Thinning, Pollarding Stump Removal and more...

Hedge Laying

This service covers cutting, laying and staking with midland style binding on top.

Wood for Sale

Bulk Woodchip, Cord Wood and Seasoned English Oak Timber

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